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14 Things I Learned At Coachella

April 14, 2015

Weekend 1 of Coachella was a blast. I went on behalf of Forever 21 and worked with my team to capture all of the latest and relevant content on the style, fashion and music scene. Make sure to follow my work at @forever21 on Twitter and Instagram. If you haven’t had the chance of experiencing Coachella or an event like it, I definitely recommend doing so. It is unlike any other event I have ever attended. It’s where freedom in music and style collide. There is no sense of time or responsibility at Coachella (unless you are there for work like me).

Below is a photo recap for you to check out of all my fun, but I also wanted to share with you some of the lessons I learned while I was there. Haha, enjoy!

Coachella Lesson #1: Flash tattoos are everywhere and are the latest trend at festivals. Only thing is… remember to bring scissors #fail.
Coachella Lesson #2: When possible and if budget permits, opt for VIP. There are charging stations, couches, better food and celebs. I mean if you are into seeing the Jonas brothers in line for Kogi Burgers that is!
Coachella Lesson #3: Celebs are also everywhere, but ya know they are just people…. unless it is Beyonce. She is God. Pray to her.
Coachella Lesson #4: Stay hydrated, but BYOB (bring your own bottle). There are filtered water stations all throughout the festival to save on $2 water bottle costs.
Coachella Lesson #5: You should have worked out a lot sooner. Frat boys own the Sahara stage (EDM, Dance Stage) so their perfect abs and chest will definitely make you rethink that mesh crop top you are wearing or that McDonalds burger you ate on the way in.
Coachella Lesson #6: Said Frat Guys are also all drugged up, so be careful… mosh pits and crowd surfing sometimes happen…. however, those around you have your back and will just let the crazed out frat boy fall hard on the floor when he tries to crowd surf (true story).
Coachella Lesson #7: Pay attention to the art installations, they change over night. Pretty cool.
Coachella Lesson #8: Spicy Pie pizza gives you life. Always have spicy pie.
Coachella Lesson #9: Everyone that is attractive is European.
Coachella Lesson #10: Everyone that is nice to you and starts up conversations is either old or visiting. LA natives are rude and snobby.
Coachella Lesson #11: Bring a bandana, not only for the dust storms, but also for the port-o-potties. They are disgusting.
Coachella Lesson #12: VIP Parking is overrated. You can park for free every day in GA parking (and it isn’t that much farther).
Coachella Lesson #13: Buy a mophie or other charging device, you are gonna want to Insta the hell out of ‘Chella.
Coachella Lesson #14: You will be in a zombie like state following the festival and question everything that is not Coachella. Don’t worry that will take 3 – 5 days to get over…

That’s 14 Things You Need To Know!







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