Brand New Me (Paleo Diet)

March 9, 2015

With 5 weeks to Coachella, I needed to get it together. I didn’t have my outfits picked, my grooming supplies were low, my eyebrows were not on fleek and I needed to upgrade my diet. So today, I cancelled all my plans, aside from the bit of work I had to do this morning and focused on getting life together.

Aside from spending over $300 on grooming supplies (cologne, face wash, hair product, etc) and clothes (you need at least TWO outfits per day for Coachella, duh!), I was really inspired to eat healthy and change up my workouts. I came across this diet called a paleo diet, which basically is a diet from the Paleolithic era aka caveman era. This diet is more a restriction diet than anything else. With the paleo diet you cannot have dairy, legumes (beans), red meat or meat that is not grass-fed, no sugar, no gluten, no processed foods, no artificial flavors, no sugars (unless natural sugars from fruit) and no junk food.

Seems a bit intense, but I am going to try it and stick with it for the next five weeks. In addition, I have swapped out my whey protein to a lactose free, glucose free, non-gmo vegan protein by Raw Foods that I picked up at GNC. In addition, I will be working out in the mornings and will still continue to consume a pre-workout drink, BCAAs (which helps water/protein absorption; drink during the workout) and protein shake (post-workout). This way, I will make sure I get a good workout in to start my day and move forward with my meal plan. Coachella/summer body, here I come!

Want to know more? Here is my Day 1 Meal Plan from morning to night.

Wake up, flawless (sorry I had to!). Drink 12 oz of cold water to get my metabolism going followed by a pre-workout to shock and energize the body. Complete my workout and head home.

Breakfast – Raw Foods Vegan Protein Shake, three servings of egg whites, avocado (half), one cup of blueberries and almonds.

Snack #1 – celery with peanut butter

Lunch – Salad with grilled chicken, lemon and olives + veggies

Snack #2 protein shake

Dinner – Salmon with cauliflower and sweet potatoes

(Get 8 hours of sleep and repeat).

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