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Coachella Pro-Tips

May 2, 2016

By now, I’d venture to say I am a bit of a Coachella veteran. For those of you who don’t know what Coachella is, the Coachella Music + Arts Festival is a giant festival in Indio, California each year in April. It’s held at the Empire Polo Grounds and some of the world’s most iconic entertainers and bands have taken the stage(s) to entertain hundreds of thousands of people. The festival has evolved to something so much more than a 3-day music festival – there are exclusive pool parties, surprise guest performances at the festival, art installations, a neon carnival and tons of celeb sightings.

I figured this would be the perfect time to share some of my Coachella wisdom with you if you haven’t been or if even if you have, just shut it and listen. Cool? 

#1 Flower Crowns, Bracelets and Flash Tattoos – it’s stereotypical, but everyone wears them. Never in my life have I ever really worn bracelets, but rules don’t apply to Coachella. You better over-accessorize and get ready to do a peace sign in every photo because you want people to know that you are a free-spirit (even though, you work a 9 – 5 and have responsibilities as soon as you get back, that aren’t so free-spirity).


#2 Actually Go to the Festival – so many people buy tickets for Weekend 1 and spend a majority of their time going to lame parties that are super cliquey and basic. You can do that in LA. Enjoy the festival, pick one or two parties that you really want to go to and plan accordingly, but don’t miss out on a full day because you are party hopping. But when you get to the festival, make sure to take photos because you need to let people know that you went to the festival or else what’s the point in buying a ticket? I mean….


#3 Artsy Fartsy – the art installations are one of the coolest parts about the festival. Make sure to take some time between the festival to explore and discover new art (pro tip: there is even a trash can designing content)!


#4 Pool Parties – pool parties are one of the best parts about weekend 1, but like I said before find your balance and attend a few of your favorites. Plus, it is good snapchat material and there is often free food/drinks (nothing wrong with being budget friendly)!


#5 Golden Hour – plan to take all of your photos at and around 4 – 5:30 PM, it’s golden hour and you’ll save time on editing because your photos will look fierce af. Pro-tip: coordinate your outfits with a friend, so you both look good and you also show people you have fashionable friends.


#6 VIP vs GA – VIP is where it’s at. Less people, better food, better port-o-potties and easier access. Okay, maybe it isn’t worth the extra $400 but whatever, you’re very important and should be treated as such. If you love celebs, this is the place to hang and watch for them. Most of them are shorter in person, just warning ya. Oh! Also note, wear your bandana on super windy days – it’s allergy season ya’ll.


#7 Relax – since no one good comes on at the festival until like 4/5, make sure to save your energy. Take a nap, get a tan by the pool, be super low key and make sure you post about it, so everyone knows how chill you are.


#8 Live In The Moment – after Coachella, you will be depressed. No joke. Take a moment to soak this all in because real life sucks and so does adulting.


Other than that, some additional pro-tips are to come prepared with an extra phone charger, bandana, empty water bottle, your car (because day parking is free and ubers are expensive), facial mist to cool you down, several sunglasses and a fanny pack. You’re welcome. ‘Till next year Coachella, I miss you already!

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