Father’s Day Suggestions from Babbleboxx

June 14, 2017

Father’s Day is always something I’ve struggled with. I’m not really close with my dad and have few father figures in my life. However lots of you do and often seek suggestions for male products from me, so I figured I’d partner with Single Edition Media (Babbleboxx) to showcase some Father’s Day gifts perfect for that dad in your life.

Dads are always tough because they never seem to need anything. A razor, a TV, baseball tickets are all outdated and cliche, so take a look at the below and see if any of these products help spark new ideas.

Whether dad is a 50 Cent or Frank Sinatra fan, Universal Music Group has a ton of records available at Amazon for purchase (shout out to all those Amazon Prime members!). These are super reasonably priced and nothing beats a good old record. See all of their titles on Go shawty, it’s your Father’s Day! We gone party like it’s your Father’s Day…

This was probably the most difficult thing to photograph, because I had to resist the urge to eat it all. The NEW Sizzlin’ Grill Line from Edible Arrangements is hands down one of the best gifts dads can receive. From chocolate covered strawberries to pineapple flames, it’s a super fun gift dad can share at work (he loves the attention). It’s a great idea for dad. And the best part is you can get $10 off with the purchase of $50 or more (valid through 6/18) by clicking here at and using discount code “BLOG6718”. #MakeHisDay

Artic Cool is a new brand that has developed a Hydrofreeze X Cooling Technology for dad’s who are active or want to stay cool all day. Whether they be working out or working on the yard, this shirt activates and wicks away sweat from your skin keeping you cooler longer. I lowkey am keeping this for myself tbh. You can see the one I got here at

Dads never buy the right products for themselves to ensure they look good. Show dad how “Sexy Hair Hard Up Gel” can help them achieve the style they want. Plus, mom will love the product too. It’s super affordable (love that!) and is a great addition to your gift. Shop it here.

Last but not least, if your dad is getting older, you want to make sure he is feeling his best and is feeling good. My family has a history of atrial fibrillation or heart-related issues, so this one is especially significant for me. AliveCor is the maker of this new device the “Kardia Mobile” an FDA-cleared, clinical grade EKG monitor. It’s only $99 and will ensure your dad detects any irregularities early on. You can learn more about it here.

That’s all! I love reviewing new products for you guys and I hope that some of these gift ideas helped in your search for Father’s Day presents! Make sure to follow @SingleEdition on Instagram, they are the founders of Babbleboxx and have a ton of products ideas as well! Chat soon! xx

This post is sponsored by on behalf of Single Edition Media.

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