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Fun Friend Activity: Rollerskating!!

March 31, 2015

A lot of people asked me where the heck I went rollerskating in Los Angeles, so I figured I’d do a blog post on it! I’m an LA native (yes, they do exist), lived here all my life, went to school here and worked here ever since. The trouble with that is that I’ve done it all… the things that excite people, don’t excite me anymore. I’ll still do them, but I like to try new things and share those experiences with friends. Rollerskating was definitely one of them!

I convinced two of my friends – Jonathan and Jake – to go rollerskating with me instead of our typical West Hollywood Bar hop. We found this place in Glendale called Moonlight Rollerway. The roller rink is in the middle of nowhere, and looks super sketchy from the outside. Entry + shoe rental was super cheap and came out to $14.50! We had a blast! Jake apparently can skate backwards while Jonathan and I just had a blast trying not to die. Sure, we had a couple of falls but it was so fun!

Here’s a link to the rink: I definitely recommend going out with friends and having a good time trying something new (there is a dive bar two blocks from there if you need some liquid courage)! RollerSkating

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