He’s Such A Prick

February 5, 2015

I have an obsession with succulents, cactus in particular, which sounds so trendy but it’s not. I think cactus is something that evokes an emotion, similar to fragrance. It takes you to a wild place, it reminds me of my childhood – exploring the desert of Palm Springs. However, another memory I have though as a child, is visiting this place called Jurupa.

Jurupa is a discovery park that is open to the public. The location is about 45 minutes away from LA (on a good day) but I always love sneaking away from the city and doing something fun. I remember it as a kid because it is dinosaur themed and you get to “discover” all different types of rocks, gems and fossils. In addition, the discovery park has an amazing cactus garden – great for photos.  I also picked up a crystal from the gift shop for my room and as a keepsake of childhood memories. Check it out if you get the chance, more info here: 

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