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I Gave Up Coffee And Here’s What Happened

January 10, 2016

With the new year, I wanted to work toward a new me, as cliche as that sounds. I told myself I needed to make a couple of changes in my lifestyle. So, one of my many resolutions that I made was to give up coffee. The idea of consuming caffeine in order to make my body work properly always troubled me. Why do I need to put things in my body in order to keep going? Have I in doing so trained my body to be more tired and dependent on coffee to function? It’s been proven that coffee can do amazing things for the body, there are tons of health benefits, however, it’s the sugars and creamers and milk that you put in it that makes it bad for you – and let’s be honest, we all add stuff to it. So, I’ve given up coffee for 10 days and here is what has happened so far:

  1. I have more energy. I’m not reliant on coffee to keep me going anymore. I don’t “crash” and I have more natural energy.
  2. Less stomach issues. I am lactose intolerant, but I pretend I’m not when it comes to adding a splash of milk/creamer to my coffee (during this process I’ve also cut out dairy and red meat). I noticeably had less stomach pain/acidity by Day 2 of me giving up coffee and dairy.
  3. My skin got it’s glow back and some acne went away.
  4. I’m not bloated. By Day 3, my stomach felt flatter and abs appeared more visible.
  5. I saved a TON of money. Those $4 coffees every day added up!
  6. I became less anxious, I handled work situations better and didn’t stress out as much.
  7. I’m not running to the bathroom after every cup. I’ll leave it at that.
  8. It inspired me to be healthier overall and allowed me to give up other things to create a balanced lifestyle such as dairy, alcohol, red meat and fast food.

If any of these reasons sound like things you want to feel, try giving up coffee just for a week and let me know in the comments section if it works for you! You may surprise yourself.

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