Last Minute Shopping? I got you.

December 22, 2014

Shit. You waited to the very last minute and now you don’t know what to get those last few presents that you have been putting off, you don’t really want to go to the mall, but you missed your shopping deadlines… now what? No worries, I got you. Here are some links for some last minute gifts you may have not even thought of. Try to think of things that people want or already pay for but hate paying for or never pay for themselves.

Spotify Premium Gift Card  (Holiday Deal – first three months at $0.99; $9.99 each month after)

Netflix Subscription (who doesn’t love netflix?)

Kiehl’s Gift Sets (Range from $29.00 – $59.99)

Pressed Juicery Sampler Subscription ($45; for those who are just trying to be healthy or juice for the 1st time)

Conde Nast Travelers Book (or any fancy coffee table book for that matter)

ZARA Gift Card (I usually hate giving gift cards, but Zara has really cool boxes)

Diptyque Scented Diffuser (I actually really just want this. Get this for someone who appreciates scents and you really like 🙂 like me)

Beats by Dre Pill Speaker (so many good uses for this)

Good luck to all the procrastinators out there!

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