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Life Gets Rocky

September 23, 2015

It’s been a while since I have had the chance to blog. Sometimes life gets so busy, you forget to take a second for you. One thing I really realized is that we move so fast sometimes – hitting a deadline at work, making sure you are being a good friend, dinners, events, you forget to take a second to breathe.

I have a lot of very exciting projects coming up, I’m teaching at FIDM again as the Social Media for Business Marketing Professor. Also in November, I’ll be speaking at the WWD Digital LA conference speaking about what I love, social media. Social media has done so many great things for my career and my personal life (I’ve met some amazing people through it), I am extremely thankful and feel as if it is my calling. I think sometimes I just need to slow down and remember to focus on things that I want. Life isn’t as hectic as we think, it’s all about perspective.

Huge shout-out to my friend Marisa (@MarisaRoseFarella) for snapping these photos of me and trekking all the way out to Vasquez Rocks at 6:30 AM because I am random and love exploring new places.









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