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My 15-Minute Ab Routine

December 28, 2014

Regardless if you are into making resolutions or not, we can all agree that we need to workout more. Whether it’s getting your body right for a wedding, vacation or just to make your ex jealous because his new boyfriend is fugly and you are soooooo much better than that, then this post is for you.

I know myself, I hate the gym. It is not a fun place. I never used to know what I was doing and I didn’t want to be a bodybuilder, I just wanted to look good with my shirt off. I have a long way to go and by means am no expert, but I am starting to learn a thing or two. One of my favorite parts of working out is the warm-up I’ve developed. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s 15 minutes of core strengthening that makes me feel great and energized to workout whether it be leg day, chest day or arm day. I do this every workout to keep my body in check.

First, I always make sure I have the right playlist. Mostly and for me, I like to warm up to Beyonce or Disclosure, but pick your favorite – something that gets you in the zone. Then download the app “Rounds,” it’s a drinking app for “Power Hour (a drinking game)” but I use it for workouts. It shuffles through songs at a minute speed, which is perfect for conditioning… then the rest is easy….

  1. Minute 1 – Standard Plank (keep your butt level)
  2. Minute 2 – Push-Ups (you know what to do; diamond = hardest, wider = easiest)
  3. Minute 3 – Floor Oblique Streches (move your arms side to side on the floor touching your angles and shifting sides)
  4. Minute 4 – Mountain Climbers (kick those knees up, left right, left right).
  5. Minute 5 – Rest
  6. Minute 6 – Leg Raises
  7. Minute 7 – Medicine Ball Skull Crunch (using a medicine ball 8-12 lbs, do a crunch + raise the ball as high above your head as possible when coming up)
  8. Minute 8 – Dips (work those abs and triceps)
  9. Minute 9 – Leg Raises again
  10. Minute 10 – Rest
  11. Minute 11 – Squats (do as many as you can until exhaustion)
  12. Minute 12 – Crunch / Wide Toe Touch Combo (as you come back down from your crunch, throw in vertical toe touches)
  13. Minute 13 – Windmills
  14. Minute 14 – Mountain Climbers (kick those knees up, left right, left right)
  15. Minute 15 – Stretch

What I’m wearing: Nike Therma-Fit Faux Leather Jacket, Nike Running Shorts, Nike 5.0 ID Running Shoes
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