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My New York State of Mind

May 9, 2015

I had such an amazing time in New York, I figured I’d share with you some of the highlights of my trip in the hopes it may inspire you to go if you’ve never been or encourage you to go back and check out some new spots.

I only spent four days in New York, but was able to cram in quite a bit. For places to eat, we went to the following places: Indochine, Dirty French, Rosetta Pizza (Brooklyn), Two Hands Cafe and then a couple of other places that I forgot (sorry!). Two Hands was probably my favorite because it was a cute cafe with delicious food and New York spirit.

However, my favorite part about New York had to have been spending time in Central Park with my boys. New Yorkers appreciate the sun and good weather and just like to all get together. We visited this place called Sheep’s Meadows which is a part of Central Park where everyone brings wine and drinks and picnic blankets and boomboxes and just chills. It was beautiful.

Lastly, clothing – Topman and Kith were two of my favorites. Very street and urban, but still felt very authentically New York. Check them out!

Check out my photo recap below:

View from the plane. Hello, New York.


This is a little cafe called “Two Hands” Cafe and it was probably my favorite place in New York City. The Avocado Toast was absolutely divine and the Cinnamon, Date, Almond Milk, Banana Smoothie is the best smoothie I have ever had in my life.


The reason I came to New York, she’s been my best friend for about 7 years and I love her like family. @sofi_dez ladies and gentlemen!


New York in spring just seems unreal.


The thing I love most about New York is that you constantly look up. Keep your head to the clouds and you will begin to see magical things.


Oh hey, @ethantodd. You may remember him from Coachella. This cutie-patootie is one of my good friends who lives in Brooklyn.


Really liking this new jacket I picked up at Top Man on 5th Ave. Make Things Happen.


It’s just us against the world, New York. Me and you.


New Yorkers love their sun. Glad I was able to squeeze in time with @sinkthesun and @brandonosorio + the crew while we drank and lounged on the grass lawns of Sheep’s Meadows.


New York Flower Market.


Two of Sofi’s friends (now my friends, hehe) @lorihaber and @jesshaberr joined us for the trip. I mean… can I roll with any prettier of a clique?

All in all, it was a great trip and one I will never forget. Be back soon, New York.

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