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August 8, 2015

If you’re like me you spend a lot of money and frustrating calls with your phone carrier on data used on Apple Music or Pandora or Spotify. We’ve all been there. Next Radio teamed up with me to let me play with a HTC one phone with Next Radio installed and give it a try.

Next Radio is a FM radio on your Android smartphones, It’s pretty dope and uses less of your battery life and 10x less data usage. It’s not choppy or slow and allows me to hop out of my car and continue listening to my favorite station at work. It’s pretty dope. I listen to POWER 106 all the time, so it was cool to be able to listen from my phone at work or at the gym and not have to worry about playlists and such.

The feature is available on Smartphones from AT&T, Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile and Sprint. Check it out: 

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