Scentbird Perfume Service

October 3, 2015

One of the sexiest things to me is a man that smells good. Whether it is oud, leather, musk or citrus, a good scent leaves a lasting impression. Many times I mix colognes because I love the way the different notes activate various triggers to the nose. It’s a chemistry with your body. It’s a different experience per person.

One of the things though is cologne can be expensive and it’s hard to commit to a specific scent. That’s where Scentbird comes in. It’s a monthly subscription service that delivers a 30-day trial bottle each month at your door step. It’s not one of those random, you don’t know what you are going to get subscriptions, you select what cologned you want each month to show up at your doorstop. And for $14.99 each month, it is well worth it!

Check ’em out or @scentbird_perfume on Instagram.

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