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Scenthouse LA

November 22, 2015

I have always enjoyed distinct scents. I love that we as humans have the ability to ties those scents to memories. With the overpopulation and overtly hyped candle assortment, I unfortunately am finding it really hard to discover new scents. I often mix my colognes as to create a distinct scent for myself, so I want the same for my home.

Scenthouse LA [] is a new scent house that focuses on that distinction. To discover your scent, you can request a free sample kit (if you live in the LA area) and then select your candle based on these samples. This is a genius way to help make sure you love your candle before you buy it online.

I opted for the LA Noir and Zaguan scents. The LA Noir scent has a vintage french perfume feel with a distant tobacco blend making it feel like the James Dean in a leather jacket kind of LA. Zaguan, on the other hand has more of a southwestern feel that is simply intoxicating with a amber core and dusty earth appeal.

Adding this to my new favorite things list asap. Perfect for an elegant holiday gift.

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