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The Final Stretch (ft. Without Walls)

April 6, 2015

Can you believe April is already here? I mean time flies! For those of you who have been “following Mario” hehe, you know I have been trying to get my body right for Coachella and summer. However, I can’t always make the gym.

Therefore, one of the easiest strength and toning workouts I do is resistance band training.  It’s so good for you to build strength in the targeted area you desire and really helps you tone closer to an event.

I am no personal trainer by any means but my favorite workouts to do are the lateral band walk (use a loop band and side step), lateral raise (stand on the grip tube band and pull arms up over your head to workout your shoulders and biceps) and also the standing bicep curl (do these slow for maximum results). You can pick up the bands at Target or wherever for cheap with different types of resistance. Try it out as an alternative or just toss in the trunk of your car so you can always stay active!

Huge shoutout to Urban Outfitters x Without Walls (@gowithoutwalls) for surprising me with some new gear to make sure I look good during my workouts. I’ve never seen workout shorts like these before and am kinda feeling it! You can buy these and other cool stuff on the UO website here. They have some really great leggings too!

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