November 10, 2014

Catalina Island. If you’ve never been, you’ve got to go. An hour away from Long Beach Harbor in the Catalina Express, this island is truly Los Angeles’ best kept secret.

I spent some time in Avalon Bay, which is the most famous (and touristy) part of Catalina Island. I definitely recommend that if you do go you take the time to rent a golfcart and see the city, take a bison sight seeing tour, snorkel at Lover’s Cove, zipline in Avalon’s hills and rent a kayak on Descanso Beach – and the best part is – you can do it all in one day! If you’re feeling leisurely stay a while and relax. There are tons of free perks if you travel to the island on your birthday.

It’s definitely one of my favorite spots in Los Angeles, so I figured I’d share it with ya 🙂

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(Just for fun – werkkkk!)

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