Warby Parker Glasses

May 22, 2016

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Not many people know this about me, but I have this massive fear about touching my eye – I think it’s gross and weird. I don’t wear contacts but I need to, and I hate how I typically look in eyeglasses. Since my optimist doesn’t have any real fashionable glasses available, I then, like most people – deal with it. Not anymore though, I came across Warby Parker while in Wynwood, Miami and fell in love.  Warby Parker glasses are $95 which is pretty good for glasses. They take your prescription and apply the lens to the frames of your choice. The best part? They have a Home Try On Service in which you can pick 5 styles off of their website – – and you get to try on the frames and see what looks best on you for five days. Then you ship the frames back and select your favorite for purchase (some of you may have seen me ask for you to vote for your favorite style on my Snapchat: @followmario, #5 won FYI [featured in my post]).

If you’re looking to get new glasses, I strongly recommend giving Warby Parker a try! Best decision I’ve made.


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