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Who I Follow On Instagram

March 13, 2015

Instagram is tricky. There are so many choices now, and my lordy – everyone is a blogger (including myself, hehe), but one of the things that is becoming increasingly important is who you follow. You may not know all of your “friends” on Instagram, but a carefully curated Instagram is the first step to opening up to someone. I figured I would share with you my favorite Instagrammers to follow, with a little description of why I follow them and enjoy their feed. Take a look and give ’em a follow. I’ll start to do this more often, so you can follow my favorites.

1. @jawhar_paulo & @dimsssum: talk about #relationship goals! I have the pleasure of getting to call these two, two of my best friends. Jonathan lives in LA and Dimitri lives in Vancouver, they are a prime example of what a relationship should look like. They love each other and supes adorbs. They are my favorite! Plus, it doesn’t help that they are hawwwwwwwwwwt. Give em each a follow.

2. @kylekriegerhair – an instagram celebrity if you will. He is one of those guys that you want to hate and think is a douche, but actually is probably pretty cool. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and has an quirky and fun YouTube channel and flawless Instagram page. He seems like a really creative, cool guy.

3. @oraclefoxblog – she is so on point. I feel like her entire feed is one giant vacation. Plus, she uses a fade like filter, which I am obsessed with.

4. @alwaysjudging – she always looks like she is judging and does not give a f***, but I love her.

5. @sinkthesun – I met this kid on Instagram and have the pleasure of seeing his Instagram evolve. His feed is very “adventurer in New York” realness. Plus, he is adorable.

6. @tomfordismydad – opulence. decadance. luxurious. the right mix of sex and swag.

7. @whereisturk – this cutie is almost always naked. He has cute tattoos and is Australian, what more do you need?

8. @justinliv – one of my favorite male bloggers. He is such an adorable guy and seems genuine and kind.

9. @reyalfashion – this kid is so on point. Whenever I meet up with him for coffee (i don’t drink coffee anymore though) or just to catch up, I leave inspired and motivated. Such a great guy, definitely deserves a follow. Plus, he wrote his own book.

10. @kyliejenner – those lips…

11. @grantlegan – Grant is probably one of my favorite photogs on insta. Rarely taking photos of himself, Grant captures lifestyle moments in the best light and also shoot for a lot of bloggers and brands.

12. @dattwinandree – one of the Pieri Twins. Two bloggers who have amazing style, bodies and workout tips. They exude sex, plus they are European, so that helps.

13. @takubeats – unsure if he is some sort of amazing lifestyle photographer or superhuman. Either way his feed is phenomenal, plus he shoots drake a lot.

14. @christianconfidential – one of my favorite Canadian bloggers. He has great style and a great look and makes me want to get a Equinox membership if I will look that good if I go.

15. @niceboys – a Londoner who just gets London Street Style. He has so much street style swag, I can’t even deal, but I can.

16. @thismintymoment – Minh is an amazing photographer who really loves to capture the brightness and light color of life. Everything on his feed is so clean and minimalistic. Makes me feel like I just took a shower!

Hope you enjoyed this! If you have any recommendations for who I should follow, let me know in the comments section below!

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